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I got my 4th and 5th tattoo last June 4, today I will be sharing my experience and reasons behind my tattoos.
Since I was in high school I already thought of having a tattoo someday. I feel like it's something that is very meaningful and that would symbolize something worth sharing with.
Warning don't ever get a tattoo not because you just think it's cool or it's on trend. Remember people would ask you why and your parents would even say no so give them a real good reason why you are having a tattoo.
For me having all my tattoos are symbols of my decisions and growth in life. There are sad stories and there are stories of success.
My first was the moon and a star, to be honest, this symbolizes me moving on in my life. It was a wonderful love story that didn't last. after that I felt better, it's a big leap from where I was left back then.
I got my 2nd tattoo way back October 2014 it was a dreamer (check it out below)
Well, I had a different interpretation of my dream catcher. The common purpose of dream catcher are taking away your bad dreams but to me, it's more like attracting my future dreams to happen. Because that year 2014 I was able to get to know myself, the things I wanna do in the future the person I want to become and I became more myself, no pretensions.
The third one is because my aunt died. It was unexpected and painful. I made this design symbolizing her the lotus flower for beauty, I shaped the roots as lungs to symbolize the cause of her death.
For this session, I promised my tattoo artist that I will blog about this because I wanted to share his talent to everyone, and to those who also want to get inked might as well book their own session.
Enjoy the process. . . .
Design by yours truly

Additional eyes for me.

the session begins. 

Stencil tracing first then shading and details

Credit to my friend Ramel Castillo 
 My 4th are these 2 eyes because it is my favorite part of a human being. We are able to witness life, we see things we never imagined. I am thankful for the eyes that I have because I am using them to pursue my passion photography. Too bad I have to wear glasses because of overly used of gadgets. Hihi
My 5th is this on my arm.

It symbolizes my passion, since I was in college I'm practicing photography up until now but it was just recently that I've realized I have to take this passion into a career. I want to enter the photography industry and so now I was hired in a photography agency that covers events and advertising work.

The plans symbolize the growth of the glowing passion.
Of course an Instagram photo of the fresh colored wound.

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