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Hello!!! I haven't updated the page since June because I've been busy with all the requirement of life. I kinda lost myself in the middle of the adjustment from college me to adulthood. But, now here I am and I am excited to share this project that I've been working on since last month!

Imahenasyon is actually my online portfolio of my work, events that I've been to and OOTDs.  As you see I am not a PR person like every blogger that you've popularly known. My only goal in this website is just to share my thoughts about life and inspire other people to pursue passion in their field, especially in art. I am no professional, I just do the things that make me happy and one of it is Imahenasyon. So, now I am taking this portfolio into reality.
Lucky that our house is flexible for my randomness. It was actually part of my long term plan to have my own space for either my studio for photography or my own gallery. But since photography is more expensive to put up. I've decided to go with the realistic one for now.

Imahenasyon is not just a website now, all the art and paintings you've seen on my page are all here in my mini gallery or so we call it Imahenasyon gallery.

Here are the photos.

My first plan was just to hang my paintings and create a cozy "tambayan" outside where my friend and family could hang out. But then I've realized that why not take it to another level. The DIY girl side came to me again, so I've decided create some experimentation with canvas cloth and stitching, create a little sale in our mini gallery.

 Here are the items available:

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3D letters
The bags are our special items here. I got hooked into stitching stuff and so I've wanted to create my own bag design. But I won't share this for now this will be for another post :)

From this mini gallery, we want to expand this idea to other people. So we are starting an online for imahenasyon, spreading the vibe of arts and crafts in social media.

Follow us on Instagram: @imahenasyonmanila

Like us on facebook: Imahenasyon

Hope you guys got interested in this big step of my page.

If you have questions or you want to visit the gallery feel free to contact us. :)

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