Black and Yellow

5:31 AM

It is always fun doing studio shoots like this one because you are able to move around without that exhausting feeling caused by the heat of the sun. Also, you get to play with different effects of lighting. 

We had our fashion shoot in school a few weeks back as part of our activities in our Photography Class and also for our portfolio. I am not the model, but I tried to cut in some shots for my OOTD. 

I lost weight like a lot of weight because I got sick caused by my wrong course of diet I did months ago, so here I am taking advantage of the skinny body that I currently have. I am more confident to wear any type clothes special cropped tops and pants. 

These pieces are actually a thrift shop haul. I started collecting colored and printed pants lately and this yellow baby is one of my collection. 

My style depends on my mood, so this day since I am going to school I wanted to wear something acceptable in school grounds yet stylish and on trend. I accentuate this style with a black string necktie to put an interesting detail on my look since it plays with only two colors. 

What do you think?

Credits to Paolo Gonzalez and Professor Edwin Celestino

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