School Work

7:04 AM

Sharing these posters I made for our class activity. We are given a task to create a movie poster  of our own or from an existing movie. This is what I made my inspiration here is the song "A song about space by Reese Lansangan" I think it's an interesting and uncommon story to tell. Plus it's my first time try collage art. So what do you think?

This poster is about how we are going to promote Filipino culture through our posters. Showing what's unique in the Filipino culture. 
We are allowed to use any technique on this but I preffered doing a collage version also of the message that I want to deliver. 
The background color yellow blue and red represents the flag of the Philippines while all the images are the popular symbols of our country. A reminder of where we came from, who we are, and what we are.  

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