Green Knit

9:23 PM

The weather in the Philippines has been turning black and white lately. The weather changes from a rainy day to a very hot afternoon. Well, I’ve been wishing that the sun would come out more often because it makes me feel more productive during the day.

Good news! I’ve started working full time again and it was pretty fun because I will be learning new concepts in the industry of advertising. I am taking a different career path apart from my past title as an account executive to a digital agency career. It will take a lot of adjustments but, I want to take the challenge because I know I will learn a lot and it will benefit me in the future.

Before my schedule gets crazy at work. I take my weekend free time to do things for my blog and other stuff. I’ve been snagging a lot of my knits ever since and this is my latest find. This is perfect because I’ve been trying to develop my confidence when it comes to wearing sleeveless tops or tank tops because I have quite big arms before and I kept on hiding it. But since I got thinner it actually made me feel like I can wear anything and won’t be ashamed of my hidden insecurities. Confidence will do the work on that.
For this, I wanted to highlight the style that would fit short haired girls showing the femininity and edge of personality. 

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