Shake Up The Happiness

9:26 PM

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Don't mind the date.

Don't mind the date. 

Another first before the end of this year. This is originally my mom's idea, but as I go through the moment, it actually made sense to me. At first I was hesitant because I don't know I was shy and unsure of what will happen, but eventually, everything just fell into place. It is a great feeling to share and see the smile on their faces the moment we gave them our gifts. Maybe that's how Santa feels whenever he sees us joyous about our presents.

This year has been a roller coaster for me because this year taught me to become stronger, whenever I have shortcomings or major problems I should always be on my greatest state of mind. For one moment you are sad and depress then you'll realize it's just a phase. A phase that you need to get through and not run away from. How I wish that every day will be awesome, but It cannot be as awesome as we expected to be. Life will be easier if we understand the pain and happiness that we are having. Don't expect for a perfect life, we just need to enjoy the things that we have and the moments that
I know 2017 have a lot in stored for me. I am scared and excited, but bring it on! I wish for myself to make better decisions next year and share more happiness to other people as well. 

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