Bo's Coffee Art Session

5:31 AM

I am not really a fan of writing, that's why I angled this blog for images and artworks. Lucky that opportunities are coming in and I have posts lined up here. Here we go! 
I was able to participate in Bo's Coffee's event last June 3, 2017. The event was "Bo's Coffee Maginhawa Design You're Cup Competition". I was invited to do a live art design for their large cup in line with the theme "Home grown nation building and love for country". This is actually my first time to participate in a live art session for a brand and, I was really excited about it.   For the theme, I was just thinking about leaves and other things that represent the Philippines. It was difficult at first because I don't use Pentel pens, especially if will be applied to a Sintra board which is a totally different texture from paper. However, I am still happy with my work.  In exchange of my artwork, I received Bo's Coffee GC, A creative Journal, and Bo's Coffe VIP card. The whole experience was awesome and,  I  hope for more art projects this year.

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